Re: Intell. Design

Glenn Morton (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 12:35:53 -0500

Jeffrey Lee corrected me when he wrote:

>On 6/1/98 10:00, Glenn Morton said:
>>Jeffrey Lee wrote:
I'll take credit for a great many things, but not the following :-)
>>>>>While I am a believer in evolution, there are parts of the puzzle that
>>to me to be irreducibly complex, despite your contrary view. The one that
>>puzzles me the most is the lense of an eye. I can imagine the evolutionary
>>process that would give rise to vision: first a few epithelial cells that
>>are light sensiti...

I apologize for that. Here at work I must cut and past and I messed up. It was James Taggart whose note I was responding to. Sorry about this mess up on my part.