Sun, 31 May 1998 22:42:52 -0700

I am an anthropology student at California State University, Fresno. I
am returning to school after a fifteen year absence. An upsurge of
young-earth creationist activity at my church was the motivating factor
behind my return to college.

I am new to the A.S.A. maillist. Indeed I am new to the whole internet
experience. I have followed the discussions for the past two months
with great interest.

I am interested in communicating offlist with other anthropology
students, and other A.S.A. members actively involved in the field of

My exposure to and involvement in the creation/evolution & old
earth/young earth debate has previously been limited to reading the
books I could find at my local christian bookstore. I have followed the
debate since the early 80's. I have probably read most of the popular
stuff (Young, Newmann, Van Till, Ross, etc.) Since going online, I have
discovered depths to this debate that I did not know existed. I have
not yet read Denton, Behe, or Johnson.

It may be an artifact of my limited exposure to these issues, but it
seems that most of what I read has been by either a geologist, or an
astronomer. I am sure there are books on the subject by biologists (I
have read Lester & Bohlin, and Richard Wright), but the only
anthropologist I have heard of is Buswell, (I confess I have not yet
read anything by him.) Are there many (any?) anthropologists on the
A.S.A membership rolls?

Blaine D. McArthur