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Jan de Koning (
Sat, 30 May 1998 17:27:14 -0400

At 08:43 PM 29/05/98 -0500, Glenn wrote:

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>What this proves to me is that the design people are absolutely correct.
>extremely complex economy was designed by some one. It is irreducibly
>remove one part and the whole crumbles. There is absolutely no way that the
>economy could have arisen gradually from a simple hunter-gatherer society.
>Now we just need to decide who did the designing.

Indeed, and considering that might make us conclude, that all our
economics, becoming greediness, and hunger in third world countries, and
greenhouse effects, and clear cutting of forests, and (even in N.America)
the rich becoming richer and the poor poorer, and big international
companies becoming more powerfull than many states etc., that all our
greediness is sin, and thus the work of the devil.
Besides, how is the pot ever going to decide that the potter was intelligent?

Similarly in creation. I have no trouble saying God created the world and
all that is in it. And no trouble saying that the fall of man caused and
causes a lot of misery. Even in genes. To conclude the other way around,
namely "because creation is complicated etc. there must be a God" is
talking upside down.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.