Re: Chocolate

Loren Haarsma (
Fri, 29 May 1998 15:44:41 -0400 (EDT)

> The story is told of the time Corrie Ten Boom was to speak to a group of
> theologians after the war. She first passed out Dutch chocolate to each
> person there.

I trust Corrie Ten Boom was giving the right message to that
particular audience. But...

One rainy day, my kids said they were bored. I asked if they'd like to
try a new game. Sure, they said. What game? I suggested chess. They
weren't too sure about that, but agreed to try it. I gave them the board
and pieces. Then they asked me, Where do you put the pieces? How do you
move? How do you win? "Don't ask so many questions about the game," I
said. "Just play it and have fun!"

As you can guess, that story didn't really happen. (I don't even have
kids.) The question is, what's the right analogy for reading the Bible?
To a bunch of theologians (and many of us reading this list),
Corrie Ten Boom's is probably right on. But is it the right analogy for
the majority of North American Christians?

Loren Haarsma