RE: Chocolate

Allan Harvey (
Fri, 29 May 1998 13:25:36 -0600

At 03:07 PM 5/29/98 -0400, Chuck V. wrote:

>Maybe a valid analogy between the apparent controversy between the
>general and special revelation would be a warning on the box of
>chocolates or on an Aspirin tablet along the lines of "warning: the
>surgeon general has decided that the contents of this box or in this
>pill are hazardous to your health." Not that the Bible is hazardous to
>our health, of course, but that there are perceived mixed messages.

As long as people are offering modified analogies ...

The problem is not with the chocolate (Bible), but with the expectations
of the receivers. Maybe the problem is that some people are not
satisfied that the chocolate reliably serves its purpose of providing
life-giving nourishment, joy, and peace -- they want the chocolate to
meet their human idea of a perfect food which includes extraneous
functions like having fortune-cookie messages inside to instruct them
about biology and geology.

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