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Steve wrote:

>I always wonder why practicing scientists who are Christians and who
>aren't young-earth
>creationists are never represented in these public debates. Is there
>something the ASA
>can do to promote such people and viewpoints? These shows almost always
>present a very
>polarized debate without eloquent, scientifically-educated Christians
>taking a moderate view (accepting the validity of science yet also being
>strong Christians).
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Don't fret about it, Steve.

Suppose we made a 'moderation scale' and matched it against a 'publicity
probablilty scale'. It might look something like this:

Content Moderation Level Publicity Probability

Detailed, balanced
scholarly reviews 5 .001

Reporters' digests
of scholarly reviews 4 .01

Debates on issues 3 .1
by advocates

Angry sound bites
from partisans 2 .2

Violent attacks 1 .4

Violent attacks with
blood and/or bombs 0 1
and/or sex

Recall the dictum of the mass media: 'If it bleeds, it leads'.

Back in the late 1950's, I could get up very early in the morning and watch
a TV show in which Prof. Harvey White taught physics. Do any of you
remember that? It was a failed experiment. Can you imagine something like
that on broadcast TV today? How could it hold a candle to Jerry Springer?

I think Neil Postman suggested that all media are not created equal;
movies convey immoderation, sex, violence and evil far better than books do.

But the kind of content ASA tries to wrestle with -- philosophy, theology,
science, spirituality -- demands slow contemplation over an extended period
of time.

So we should all do more writing of books -- well crafted, with due
diligence and meekness. Publish them for free on the web, if you like --
that's what Steve is doing -- but read them slowly.

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