Re: Possibly interesting articles

Wed, 13 May 1998 17:11:29 -0500

>> I think I will scan this article and put it on my home page (most of my
>> College Physics students are biology majors). I wish I had time to quote
>> more from this interesting article. I am glad I read it.

Umm, as a writer quite familar with the ins & outs of copyright law, I hate
to say but that is cioyright infringement. Posting something on a web site
is considered publication, for which Wilson would be entitled to collect
payment (he certainly netted in the thousands for his original article). If
you want to reprint it it is *critical* that you contact Atlantic Monthly
as well as E.O. Wilson to see if the author or the magazine owns the rights
to reprint the article (usually the author retains rights). Then you need
to see what steps you need to take to reprint it. Sorry for posting this to
the list but it wasn't clear who was the original "uthor" of the post about
EO Wilson's article. As an ecologist, I am very familiar with Wilson's
writings - he is indeed a fascinating guy and spokesperson for the
environment as well.



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