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Here are 2 articles that folks on this list might be interested
in. The message is forwared from a physics teachers listserv. I
removed the names of the posters.

> See Wilson's recent article in the Atlantic Monthly on the hope for
> unifying principles arising from the sciences. It is a refreshing antidote
> to the post modern abandonment of science. I think it was March or April.
> I read most of it in my doctor's waiting room, borrowed the magazine so I
> could finish it and then lost it. Retribution for theft??

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> Subject: Re: philosophy
> Today's Science section of The New York Times has an intersting article on
> E.O. Wilson, an unusual Zoologist, they say. A lot of good sentences for
> those who need signiture files. Here is one of many:
> "If the essence of human nature is sketched out by the genes, it follows
> that the major branches of knowledge - sociology, economics, ethics and
> theology - are shaped by the mind's genetic framework and rest on epigenic
> rules. The unified tree of knowledge, as invisaged in "Consilience", has
> physics at its root, leading to a trunk of chemistry, molecular biology
> and genetics, and everything else as its branches."
> I think I will scan this article and put it on my home page (most of my
> College Physics students are biology majors). I wish I had time to quote
> more from this interesting article. I am glad I read it.

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