Behe's quote

Ted Davis (
Wed, 13 May 1998 16:30:30 -0400

David Campbell writes:

The latest ASA newsletter quotes from an article in the Calgary Herald:
"Behe referred to the world's leading journal of molecular evolution which
has published about 1,000 articles since its inception. None, he
maintained, deal with the actual origins of irreducibly complex systems or
with the idea that intelligent design is compatible with empirical
(measured and fact-based) science." Does anyone know what journal this is?

Answer: Journal of Molecular Evolution

Incidentally, I recently finished an essay review of Behe's book, Phil
Johnson's latest book, and Moreland's The Creation Hypothesis. Entitled "Of
Gods and Gaps: Intelligent Design and Darwinian Evolution," it will appear
in The Christian Century. Once it's out, I'll be able to place a link to an
electronic version on my webpage.

Ted Davis