Behe quote in ASA newsletter

David Campbell (
Wed, 13 May 1998 15:49:25 -0400

The latest ASA newsletter quotes from an article in the Calgary Herald:
"Behe referred to the world's leading journal of molecular evolution which
has published about 1,000 articles since its inception. None, he
maintained, deal with the actual origins of irreducibly complex systems or
with the idea that intelligent design is compatible with empirical
(measured and fact-based) science." Does anyone know what journal this is?

I don't doubt the claim, but I do doubt that this omission has much
significance. This list has already seen much discussion on the lack of a
clear definition of intelligent design (or irreducible complexity),
limiting the potential for articles on the topic. Depending on the
journal, there may be little editorial interest in publishing articles on
philosphical issues, and an article mentioning whether there is "design" in
a particular system would be more reasonable to expect.
As to the origins of complex systems, it's not a major research
focus. Most molecular biology is focused on medical or bioengineering
applications, and much of the evolutionary work (e.g., mine) is focused on
the relationships among different groups of organisms rather than on the
molecules themselves. Also, a lot of research is still focused on
describing the molecules and systems, making work on their origins a bit

David Campbell