Ross won't talk

McCarrick, Allan (
Fri, 08 May 1998 10:48 EST


I have tried several times to contact Hugh Ross via e-mail addresses at
RTB. I have never heard a peep. Do you sense a trend that his
organization is becoming insulated/isolated from the rest of the
Christian scientific community ? If so, that would be an unfortunate
trend, since I think we both like his use of astronomical data as an
apologetic (questions remain about his anthro.) At the same time I have
heard good personal stories of Hugh's offering support to Christian
students entering graduate studies (even to the point of offering
money). What's your take on him ?

When he was in my neck of the woods, he had opportunity to speak at both
U of Penn and Princton faculty luncheons. Henry Morris would probably
never be allowed there - so the Lord can use Hugh to reach different
audiences (forgetting for now the differences in their messages)