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Steven Schimmrich (
Thu, 07 May 1998 16:54:22 -0400

At 02:44 PM 5/7/98 -0600, Keith Miller wrote:
>Two more references on the presence of tidal facies directly overlying coals.
>Archer, A.W. and Johnson, T.W., 1997, Modelling of cyclic tidal rhythmites
>(Carboniferous of Indiana and Kansas, Precambrian of Utah, USA) as a basis
>for reconstruction of intertidal positioning and palaeotidal regimes:
>Sedimentology 44: 991-1010.
>Feldman, H.R., Archer, A.W., Kvale, E.P., Cunningham, C.R., Maples, C.G.,
>West, R.R., 1993, A tidal model of Carboniferous konservat-lagerstatten
>formation: Palaios 8: 485-498.

Archer has a shorter, less-technical article in the most recent Geotimes
(May 1988) as well entitled "Implications of Carboniferous Cyclic Rhythmites".

Anyone discussing the formation of coals would have to address these associated
rhythmites and how on Earth they could possible form during a global flood. The
whole idea is ridiculous, especially when you look at an outcrop and see thousands
upon thousands of thin laminations and when they contain insect fossils and
trackways as Archer has discovered in southwest Indiana. Archer argues that
these siltstone rhythmites represent daily tidal changes. The lithology,
sedimentary structures, and fossil assemblages of these rocks are perfectly
consistent with this interpretation and make absolutely no sense if one postulates
they were deposited during a single massive global flood.

Keith is right, the burden is on the people who want to topple the prevailing
scientific model to address all aspects of that model and why it should be
abandoned with direct reference to the primary literature and field examples.

- Steve.

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