Origin of coal references

Keith B Miller (kbmill@ksu.edu)
Thu, 7 May 1998 14:44:33 -0600

Two more references on the presence of tidal facies directly overlying coals.

Archer, A.W. and Johnson, T.W., 1997, Modelling of cyclic tidal rhythmites
(Carboniferous of Indiana and Kansas, Precambrian of Utah, USA) as a basis
for reconstruction of intertidal positioning and palaeotidal regimes:
Sedimentology 44: 991-1010.

Feldman, H.R., Archer, A.W., Kvale, E.P., Cunningham, C.R., Maples, C.G.,
West, R.R., 1993, A tidal model of Carboniferous konservat-lagerstatten
formation: Palaios 8: 485-498.


Keith B. Miller
Department of Geology
Kansas State University
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