Re: Mr. or Dr. Patton or Patten??

Glenn R. Morton (
Thu, 07 May 1998 05:55:29 -0500

At 01:36 AM 5/7/98 -0400, Ed Brayton wrote:

>There are two creationists with similar names. Don Patten and Don Patton
>are, I believe, two different people. The Don Patton who is accusing
>Glen Kuban of destroying one of the Paluxy tracks does not have a
>legitimate PhD, so far as I know, but he continues to claim one. I am
>awaiting his response to a message I sent him on his absolutely
>slanderous charges against Glen Kuban, but he will be out of town until
>the 11th (or so he told me in an initial response). I don't know much
>about Don Patten, but Don Patton nauseates me. He appears to me as
>little more than a snake oil salesman.

Don Patton lives here in Dallas. I have had lunch with him a couple of
times and have attended the local creationist conferences. For a Ph.D. in
geology (which he didn't have in 1986 when I first met him) he knows darn
little geology. Doesn't know what a right-lateral fault is.

Glen Kuban has interesting information on the Dallasite Patton's credentials

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Foundation, Fall and Flood
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