Mr. or Dr. Patton or Patten??

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Wed, 6 May 1998 22:30:28 -0500

There was a recent discussion of Donald Patton's claims about the
destruction of footprints at Paluxy. At the time I had actually been
researching some of his articles on the Biblical ice age. In searchng the
web I found a paper of his
which was a debate on the site of Noah's Ark. At the end of this paper is a
short biography I presume written by Patton himself
( It reads as follows:

Donald W. Patten was born in Conrad, Montana, and
has a B.A. degree in geography from the Univ. of
Washington (l952) and aM.A. degree from the same
institution (1962). He is the author of The Biblical
Flood and the Ice Epoch 1966), The Long Day of
Joshua (1973), and Catastrophism and the Old
Testament (1988). With Windsor, he is the co-author
of The Recent Organization of the Solar System (1995)
and The Last of the Mars-Earth Wars (1997). Projected
for 1998 is their The Flood of Noah. In addition, Windsor
and Patten have written over ten published essays on Earth

I don't see that he has a Ph.D. nor does it even indicate what field his
M.A. is in. But on his site about the Paluxy and other tracks
( he is listed as:

Geologist, Dr. Don Patton, Ph. D.

Ask the Creation Scientist Ask Geologist, Dr. Don Patton,
Ph. D. Your science question. He is a
young earth creation scientist!

Now, I realize he is not directly responsible for all the content on this
page although I got the impression he wrote some of the descriptions for the
photographs. I haven't been able to find if Patten has a Ph.D. or not. I
sent an e-mail to the creation scientist pointing out this seeming
contradiciton but I haven't heard anything yet. Maybe some one out there
knows more about Patton's background. Actually I am even confused as to the
spelling of his name since it is consistently spelled Patten in the Noah
article even in the biography and web address so either he misspelled his
own name or someone else wrote this for him!!

Joel Duff

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