Re: What does ID mean?

Bill Hamilton (
Mon, 04 May 1998 10:43:47 -0400

I wrote

>>I have observed that in the creation/evolution squabble, each side has a
>>tendency to admonish the other to be humble and recognize the tentativity
>>of science.
Moorad Alexanian wrote

>I believe you are right. However, many evolutionists trust only their
>science. If I had to take an extreme position, I would rather err by placing
>my faith in Scripture.
If I am faced with a situation where I must choose between Scripture and a
philosophical position of human origin, then as a Christian I must choose
Scripture. I'm not convinced that such choices occur very often in the
sciences though. After all, science is -- ideally -- a means of gathering
knowledge about the world God created for us, which strives not to let
philosophical biases interfere with learning. If such a process frequently
produces results that must then be "corrected" using a particular
interpretation of Scripture, one begins to wonder how it is that one can
use the mind in God's service, or why God told us to rule over the earth
and its creatures without giving us adequate means of understanding the
domain He commissioned us to rule.
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