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Sun, 03 May 1998 15:45:38 -0500

At 12:19 AM 5/3/98 -0600, Bill Payne wrote:
>Glenn R. Morton wrote:
>> The reflection points along the old rings of dust lie along a parabolic
>> Does this make it clear?
>No, but I have ordered the book, and have put the question to an
>astromoner. I'll get back with you.

Let me try again. The light ring is a reflection off of gas that lies
between the earth and the supernova.

light travels / \then reflects back to earth
to dust / \
/ \
/ \
star----light travels to earth directly-------->earth

The distance from the star to the earth is 169,000 light years. The
diameter of the ring is 400 light years, giving a 200 lightyear radius.

Pythagorean theorem tells us that the travel path of the light from the
star to the dust then to the earth is

a / | \ b
/ 200 \
/ | \

to find the travel distance for side a we have

a=sqrt[(169000/2)^2 +(200)^2] =84500.2366
b=sqrt[(169000/2)^2 +(200)^2] =84500.2366

The total travel path from the star to the dust to the earth is:
169,000.47 lightyers compared with the 169,000 lightyears direct distance.
With the ring as I drew it, the reflected light from the ring should get
here about 6 months after the light from the initial explosion.

The inner ring is at the star, not at the dust.

Does this help?

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