Re: Coal /YEC - Gastaldo Critique I

Bill Payne (
Fri, 01 May 1998 21:26:09 -0600

Glenn R. Morton wrote:

> No, it is because it violates observation. In your Gestaldo critique I
> would appreciate it if you would address one point he raised. I finished
> reading that yesterday and the fact that the rootlets off the stigmarian
> axis are always at 90 degrees to the axis. If the stigmaria had been
> emplaced in the mud by transport, there should be deformation of the
> rootlets. I would appreciate seeing your response to that.

That very point is one of Bob Gastaldo's strongest arguments, which I
will try to get to this weekend. I apologize for not having gotten the
rest of my review out already, but I have been extrmely busy. Instead
of posting it twice, I would prefer to work it in with the rest of my
comments. Please let me know if you don't think I do justice to your
question. I think I have two more posts to completely present my
critique; the next one will present the remainder of Bob's paper, and
the third one will be my comments.