Re: God/laws

George Murphy (
Fri, 01 May 1998 20:17:23 -0400

Moorad Alexanian wrote:
> At 03:29 PM 5/1/98 -0400, George Murphy wrote:

> > God is not bound by any external necessity, but God can limit
> >his own actions - & I believe does, for science works "though God were
> >not given". This is part of God's gift in creation, so that we can
> >understand the world.
> > (The scholastic distinction between God's absolute & God's
> >ordinate power is germane here.)
> Dear George,
> I really do not know that much about God to know if He limits His actions or
> not. The regularity that we observe in nature may be delusive. Witness the
> flood in Noah's time. Would they have predicted such catastrophe? These are
> deep questions that only revealed truth can answer. I often picture Romeo
> and Juliet, in their less passionate moments, thinking about Shakespeare.
> What can they deduce about him unless only what he reveals to them.

& what God reveals to us in Christ is precisely not a God who
exercises absolute power but who became a participant in the created
order & "obedient unto death". The _kenosis_/emptying of the Son which
Paul speaks of in Phil.2 is the basis for the "kenotic" understanding of
divine activity which I suggested.
Plus - as I said - science works.

George L. Murphy