Re: asa-digest V1 #842

John W Burgeson (
Fri, 1 May 1998 17:26:20 -0600

Garry wrote recently:

>>Now I don't know what the ID guys would think about this, nor do I know
there would be any way using empirical methods to identify some or all of
the points where God did so intervene (I'm inclined to think not). But
is my impression that (i) does not commend itself to many of you.
(Moorad, Burgy, is this along the lines of your objections to
approaches to evolution?)>>

Sorry for slow pickup on this. I've been in Mexico on a missions trip
(feeding kids & building a house for a lady now living in a bus) and just
today skimming a week or so of ASA-DIGEST material.

Replying to the above, I was unaware that I had any particular
"objections to
naturalistic approaches to evolution." But I may be mis-understanding you
on this.


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