RE: IBM cracks down

Vandergraaf, Chuck (
Fri, 1 May 1998 17:01:16 -0400


Seems to be a bit high-handed on IBM's part, although one cannot deny that
there ought to be some limits to this sort of thing. How would our reaction
be if an IBM employee used a phrase like "Allah is great" or "Satan supports

An indiscriminant use of the phrase "God bless you" does raise some
theological concerns. I assume that your friend's messages are sent out to
all and sundry. Suppose Saddam Husein or Fidel Castro called him. Would we
feel comfortable asking God to bless them?

There are all sorts of ways to proclaim the good news. To automatically use
a "God bless you" to me is not one of them.

Chuck Vandergraaf

> A friend of mine in Texas writes me that he has
> been appending the phrase "God Bless you" to
> his business e-mail and voice mail messages for some
> time and has now been told to cut it out
> or be fired.
> He intends to continue the practice.
> Comments anyone? Interesting situation.
> Burgy