Re: death vs birth/NDEs

Tom Pearson (
Fri, 01 May 1998 11:35:57 -0500 (CDT)

At 01:16 PM 4/29/98 -0500, Wendee HOLTCAMP wrote:

>I really would like info on this study - do you have any way of fidning out
>the name of the conference, who oversaw it, etc, so I might contact them?

We're entering into the last week of classes and final exams here, Wendee.
When those are done, I'll see what I can find. A lot of my old papers and
records are packed away in storage in St. Louis, and I won't be back up
there until later this summer. But I'll eventually forward to you whatever
I can dig up. But maybe somebody else around here has also encountered this

>You're saying several hundred patients "died" and then returned to life??
>It would take an extraordinary study of a very long length of time I would
>think to get such numbers.

You know, this is an excellent observation. It did not occur to me at the
time, nor has it since, that this might be an unusually high number of cases
to be reported. But it's occurring to me now. I guess I really don't know
what is the actual recorded incidence of these episodes; I just took it for
granted that the numbers were accurate. This study had been published
somewhere, under some auspices, so I accepted the data as reported.

Now, my curiosity has really been elevated!

Tom Pearson

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