Re: Cana and apparent age

James Taggart (
Fri, 1 May 1998 08:03:56 -0400

Bill Payne wrote:

Bill Payne <>
04/30/98 08:23 PM

What should have, by all naturalistic accounts, still been water when
the servants dipped some of the liquid out and carried it to the host,
had aquired characteristics which require some process executed through
time in our common experience. God bypassed the process and the time
normally required to make "wine" from water. Logically, I still fail to
see the difference between the "wine" - created in the absence of
process and time - and the appearance of an aged universe. I don't see
why we should not at least grant God the freedom to create with or
without process/time without accusing Him of being deceitful if He chose
to create the universe/earth through the same miraculous power He
displayed in creating the "wine".
Bill Payne

However, in the instance of the water turning to wine, the Bible is clear
about the temporal sequence of events, to clearly show
the miraculous nature of the event.
In Genesis, on the other hand, the Bible is not clear at all about the
temporal sequence. Generations get skipped, days are counted
before the appearance of the sun, which by definition determines the length
of a day. The only miraculous part is the creation itself.
The description (God's word) of the events are not the same at all.