Re: Coal /YEC - Gastaldo Critique I

Bill Payne (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 23:29:45 -0600

Glenn R. Morton wrote:

> That
> should constrain us to talk about data that goes against our position and
> to admit it when we are demonstrated to be wrong. It saddens me that I
> don't see those traits among many of the published apologists! What I see
> is the same argument continued for years after it has been disproven and/or
> pointed out to the individual. In my opinion, that is not only sloppy
> research, it is morally incorrect to continue to repeat the argument after
> it has been shown to be erroneous.

I totally agree. With the limited time that I have though, I am more
interested in sorting out the truth as I see it, rather than blowing hot
air at people who, as you have shown, are not likely to change anyway.

But be encouraged; I really think things within the YEC camp are
beginning to change - a point made by Kurt Wise's foreword in Leonard
Brand's book, _Faith, Reason, and Earth History_.