RE: death vs birth/NDEs

James Taggart (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 16:14:15 -0400

Lets not get too carried away with the analogy here. I think the point is
that being reborn after death is a similar experience in terms of strange
sensations and light to that of birth.

The actual birth process probably feels more like toothpaste does when
applied to a toothbrush than like "floating" down anything.

"Vandergraaf, Chuck" <>
04/29/98 02:46 PM

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Subject: RE: death vs birth/NDEs

Maybe you can help me out here; it's been a long time since I've played a
supporting role in a birthing process (at least I didn't faint!).
If the NDE sensation of "floating down a dark tunnel towards the light" is
our memory of the birthing process, would this then not mean that we are
born with our eyes "towards the exit?" Is that how babies first enter the
world? I would have thought that the back of the head exists first. In
that case, the baby would look in the opposite direction, away from the
Chuck Vandergraaf
Pinawa, MB