RE: near-death experiences-scientific?

Wed, 29 Apr 1998 13:04:30 -0500

At 09:15 AM 4/28/98 -0400, Vandergraaf, Chuck wrote:
> You write that you are "struck by the similarity of nearly every
>NDE-er seeing bright light and often a "mosaic" or kaleidoscope of colors."
> I'm a sceptic, for the following reasons:
> For starters, I don't believe that we will all end up in heaven. If
>not all of us end up in heaven, only the elect who have a NDE should see the
>bright lights of heaven. What about people like Hitler, Nero, etc., would
>they also have had a "happy NDE?" Would this then be sort of a "teaser" to
>show these people what they could have had if they had believed?

Well, not EVERYONE has one of the bright light/peace an dlove type NDE.
They either have nothing (maybe some of us just die, I have pondered this
though I'm sure most traditionalists will disagree), and others have
reported feeling an outrageous sense of guilt as they were shown where they
had doen wrong in their lives and where they had teh opportunit y to help
others but chose not to. I like your thought that maybe this is just the
judgement place - as it DOES say that we will all be judged by our works,
though that is not what gets us salvation.

Well this is what I think about that. (1) about 25-35% of people are born
via cesarean section so its very likely that several of the study subjects
were born that way (2) Do you remember how many actual NDEs were reported
in thr study? I mean, how doe sthe doctor setting up these reflectors know
that the operee (is that a word?!) will almost die/have an NDE??

> If not all end up in heaven and let's say, for argument that only
>50% make it in, we would expect an equal number of "happy NDEs" and
>"terrifying NDEs." If so, why don't we hear about these (actually, I gather
>we do hear about it but not as often). Could it be that this is something
>one doesn't talk about. After all, it's one thing to "brag" about seeing
>heaven which would mean that one is headed there eventually, but who would
>"brag" about seeing only darkness?

What strikes me very much is that virtually everyone who has one of these
NDE comes back with (1) a great sense of peace and meaning for their lives
on earth (sometimes they go through a struggle where they sort of deny its
reality of happening, but then eventually have a personal transformation)
(2) SO many of these people who go through this come back and say that all
that matters is that we LOVE eachother in every situation and circumstance
in our lives - now that is Jesus message if I ever heard it. Why would they
all come back thinking that otherwise? (3) They see a being of light but
they can only see "light" where his face is - isn't this exactly what John
describes in his vision that he writes about in Revelation? "...His face
was like the sun shining in all its brilliance" Rev. 1:16 - and this comes
from many people who were NOT Christian upon dying. Many convert as a
result. What about other cultures? They see the same thing. Some convert
and others deny that the figure was Christ however.

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