Re: Neanderthal speech

Jeffrey Lee (
Tue, 28 Apr 98 15:39:49 -0700

On 4/28/98 14:59, Ron Chitwood said:

>Doesn't surprise me at all. Neandertal was much closer to Cro-Magnon than
>has been admitted in the past. Neanthertal diorama construction left the
>impression of a hulking brute which subsequent study has proved not to be
>the case.

I recall several years ago that Scientific American published some
drawings created by an anthropologist/pathologist (whatever the proper
title is!) showing what a Neandertal would have looked like with flesh
and muscle (but not tons of hair, the existence of which would be hard to
prove from a skeleton). Some astute readers then pointed out that the
picture looked an awful lot like Picasso. All comments regarding his
artistic ability aside, they were right, it did. So, did Neandertal
really become extinct? Is he really that much different than us?

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