Re: Once again...ID

Glenn Morton (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 12:40:22 -0500

Garry Deweese wrote:
>>>To understand your view better, are you (and Glenn Morton, too) saying that
God *did not* providentially intervene in such a way so as to guide the
trajectory through phase space, perhaps by giving a "nudge" here and a
"tweak" there at just the right nodes on the phylogenetic tree, say, to
insure progress towards his previsioned goal? Or are you saying that such
nudges and tweaks would in principle be indetectable, indiscernible from
other random influences on the process? Or is there another interpretation
I'm ignoring?<<<

I can't speak for George, but what I am saying is that God didn't need to do it "after the fact" because He had planned it all into the fabric of the universe. In other words, stochastical nudges were not needed because God had PLANNED AHEAD in the design of the universe or to use the ID terminology, God had DESIGNED the phase spaces of the biopolymers to achieve the result He desired. That is still providential control. Just not providential control when WE want God to exercise it.

One of the reasons I am an evolutionist and not a progressive creationist is that I don't think it is becoming to God to have such limited powers that He couldn't make the world do what he wanted it to the first time. This constant tinkering with the universe makes it look like God had all sorts of afterthoughts-- "Oh yeah, I forgot to make a dinosaur" "Oh darn, I forgot to make a primate"

I think his planning was more sophisticated than that.

Beyond that I have problems with our views requiring performance by God. God clearly says he created the heavens and the earth, but it nowhere says he nudged the DNA through phase space. To require this goes beyond what it clearly states. (I would grant that God very well may have done a lot of nudging but when He doesn't "nudge" the planets in their 6 dimensional phase spaces, why should he need to do it in a 3.5 billion dimensional phase space for biology?