Re: Once again...ID

Glenn Morton (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 12:30:44 -0500

Gary Deweese wrote:

However, I have difficulty in asserting that God can use a (truly) random
process, be assured of the outcome, and not need to (or be expected to)
providentially intervene in the governance of the random process. It is in
the assurance of the outcome of a (truly) random process that I think the
contradiction lies.<<<

Gary, I would suggest that you go look at Siepinski's gasket which can be found on my web page under the computer models article. The role of a die determines the next dot to be drawn. And the role is as random as a computer can make it. Yet with this random selection of what dot to plot next, I am absolutely positive that every time I use this random process and apply the rules of how to move the dot, I will inevitably and invariably end up with Sierpinski's gasket on my computer screen. Not only can God use random processes and have a determinant outcome, I can. random processes + a set of rules = determinism. BTW quantum mechanics is also a random process (we don't know which atom will decay next) yet the rules allow us to calculate a half life with determinism.