Re: Once again...ID

Howard J. Van Till (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 17:25:56 -0400

Thanks, Garry, for your contributions to this discussion.

Garry says: "But the uneasiness some of us feel derives from allowing
indeterminism to drive the evolution of humans.... Yes, this trajectory
through phase space [to homo sapiens] is "possible" in the sense of
nomological possibility. But our feeling is that this possibility has such
a low mathematical probability of actually being realized that God's
intervention somewhere along the way is not only probable but required."

Comment: Yes, we feel uneasy (perhaps because of our homocentrism), but
perhaps there are numerous morally capable and responsible species in
genomic phase space, of which we are just one. Perhaps the arrival of homo
sapiens was not inevitable, but the probability of at least one of those
potential species becoming actualized is practically equal to one.

On the matter of such low probabilities that intervention would be required
in order to actualize humans, the unanswerable question is, What is the
actual numerical value of that probability? I dont' think we have a clue at
the mement. Perhaps we never will know enough to compute it with any

Howard Van Till