Re: Once again...ID

George Murphy (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 16:44:40 -0400

Garry DeWeese wrote:
> George,
> You captured several points I was trying to make at the same time, except
> that I don't think that expanding the spysical possibilities for the
> location of the evolution of free moral creatures to include all possible
> planets is sufficient to remove the necessity that God know the
> counterfactuals of chance. I may be wrong.

This wasn't the immediate problem I was trying to get at. My
point was that the purpose of creation has to be determined
theologically, & that that purpose allows considerable flexibility in
the way it might be accomplished.
Wheeler's Participatory Anthropic Principle is admittedly
speculative, but it maintains - because of the need for conscious
observers - that intelligent life must arise within the universe. If
this is so, then perhaps a universe in accord with quantum theory must
be a universe in which divine Incarnation is possible.

George L. Murphy