Re: Once again...ID

Garry DeWeese (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 09:31:24 -0600


You captured several points I was trying to make at the same time, except
that I don't think that expanding the spysical possibilities for the
location of the evolution of free moral creatures to include all possible
planets is sufficient to remove the necessity that God know the
counterfactuals of chance. I may be wrong.


At 10:56 AM 4/27/1998 -0400, George Murphy wrote:
> Yes, & we can go further if we pay attention to what Scripture
>tells us about God's purpose for creation, the Incarnation of the Word
>(Eph.1:10). That suggests that a rationally ordered universe and the
>evolution of intelligent life are parts of God's design leading to the
>accomplishment of that ultimate purpose. OTOH, there is no reason to
>insist that the intelligent life which would evolve & in which the
>Incarnation would occur would be on our particular planet, or that it be
>bipedal &c. So the development of terrestrial _homo sapiens_ need not
>be seen as essential to God's purpose.
> & of course this provides no independent ID argument for God
>because it _starts_ from belief in the God revealed in Christ.
>Anthropic Principle & design arguments are quite different - & more
>honest - if explicitly set within that context.