Once again...ID

Howard J. Van Till (110661.1365@compuserve.com)
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 09:53:41 -0400

Moorad to Bill:

"I have a hard time understanding why people find it difficult to define
design. It reminds me of fish arguing about the definition or existence of
water. We are imbedded amongst designed objects that is why it is hard to
notice. Everything is designed!!"

My comment:

If the universe is a Creation, as all Christians hold, then everything in
that universe has a being that is the product of thoughtful and purposeful
conceptualization by the Creator. If 'to be designed' meant simply 'to be
the product of thoughtful and purposeful conceptualization' then you would
be correct to say that "everything is designed."

However, this definition of 'design' is different from the operative
definition of 'design' being employed by the proponents of ID.

My request for the last couple of weeks has simply been to have the
proponents of ID provide us with a public and candid statement of their
operative definition of 'design' and/or 'intelligent design.' No more
hidden definitions. How can I make my request any more clear?

Howard Van Till