Re: Grass in the Carboniferous.

Glenn R. Morton (
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 15:46:24 -0500

At 11:04 PM 4/25/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I just got a really funny feeling - what if I'm right? If I am, please
>don't go through the same agony you did switching from YEC to OEC,
>Glenn. We'll help you back across the bridge, my friend. :-)

You seemed to have missed my admisstion that you were correct about the
bark. But even if correct about the bark being the main source of coal,
that does not prove a global flood. There are lots of thick peat beds in
both Indonesia and even in Louisiana.

And as to going back to YEC I would be perfectly willing provided that you
explain things like the fish distribution in the geologic column, the
footprints up and down the geologic column, the burrows throughout the
flood deposited geologic column, the deposition of salt with both pollen
and micrometeorites but no shale or sand during the flood, why there are no
coal beds in the deep ocean basins if your model is correct, why the
thickest sedimentary layers are on top of the continental platforms rather
than in the deep ocean basins as would be expected in a global flood (BTW
the sediment distribution violates the 2nd law of thermo if they were
deposited by a flood See G.R. Morton, "Prolegamena to the Study of the
Sediments" Creation Research Soc. Quarterly, 1980 pp 162-167). I would
also like to know how you explain the geometric triangulation of SN1987a
which proves that it is 169,000 light years away and yet the light is here
today, why the moon is littered with craters yet the earth isn't (did the
meteor bombardment occur between the creation and the flood)? I also need
to know how 13 million layers deposited in the Green River formation and
showing the solar cycle rhythmicity and rhythmicity associated with the
100,000 years eccentricity of the earth's orbit is to be explained in a
global flood. And why are there so many mudcracks in the geologic column
(often associated with footprints showing shallow water) during the middle
of this vast flood which covered the earth to 15 cubits above the highest
mountain of the day?

That will do for a start. If you can come up with explanations for these,
then I would seriously consider going back