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Massimo Pigliucci (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 08:37:21 -0400

Dear Moorad,

> The mathematical models in meteorology are at the fundamental level of
> hydrodynamics. You mean to say there are models of evolution at the
> biochemical level? I do not think so.
And, once again, you're wrong. Please consult:

Ward, P.J. 1994. Parent-offspring regression and extreme environments.
Heredity 72:574-581.

It is an example of biochemically-based models in quantitative genetics.
There is a whole field dedicated to it, and Ward's bibliography will
give you an entry point.

Furthermore, since when reducibility to the biochemical level is
synonimous with predictability? I'm sorry but your assertion that
metereological models are "fundamental" is also incorrect. I doubt any
metereologist would use quantum dynamics equation and think in terms of
quarks while predicting the chances of snow tomorrow...

> I wonder what a human would become if you are right and there was no
> spiritual nature to him/her.
Exactly what he/she is, a very complex, sophisticated, fascinating
machine. But a machine none the less. Have you ever gone to the dentist,
Moorad? When you step in there and are subjected to minor "repairs", or
when you have to go to the hospital for occasional major ones, and then
when you consider that after you reach the point of non-repair nature
discards you with a sudden increase in entropy which we call death, do
you really believe that you are more than a machine, that you are the
result of the design of a perfect god???

> Remember Massimo your real value is that Christ died for you.
Please, this kind of sunday morning preaching should be avoided in a
serious discussion.

> BTW are you
> getting married in a church?
Of course not! Wouldn't that be a flagrant contradiction of all my (and
Melissa's) principles?


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