A request for info on A "Creation Scientist"

David Campbell (bivalve@mailserv0.isis.unc.edu)
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 14:43:59 -0400

This sort of question has often ben answered readily by the folks on this
list. I think I've seen the name in question, but do not remember anything
about him.
Replies to David Schwimmer <SCHWIMMER_DAVID@COLSTATE.EDU> would be the most
useful, but I could forward them.

> Against wisdom I should have achieved by this time, I accepted
>a challenge to debate a "Creation Scientist" headquartered at some
>"Institute" in North Florida. His name is Ken Hovine, and I know
>nothing of his background or approach. He is neither a
>paleontologist nor a PhD, and his "Institute" is located in a
>religious organization. In conversation with him about ground rules,
>he claims to have had more than 30 such debates. At least on
>telephone, he has an impressive
> If anyone out there has met or dealt with this individual I would
>appreciate information on his approaches and techniques. Please
>reply off-net (so this doesn't become talk.origins and so that I
>don't get flamed) unless you believe responses are of general
>interest (and then I'm not culpable).
> One hopefully unique aspect to the upcoming event (May 14, here
>at my university) is that I have required ground rules which will be
>adhered-to (or shall leave immediately): all quotations to third
>parties will be presented with citations one week in advance to the
>opponent; the topic is only organic evolution, not
>"origins," biogenesis or cosmology; a neutral referee to enforce the
>rules, with power of cloture, and direct point-reply rebuttals. It
>still may devolve into a circus.
> For locals, contact me if you'd like to attend or bring
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