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E G M (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 06:44:55 -0700 (PDT)

---Glenn Morton <> wrote:
> Now, answer the question which you really don't seem to want to
answer. If
> God created a living cell by DESIGN, and it was then able to harness
> mutations, and through selection search through the sequence space
and give
> rise to the rest of the plant and animal kingdom, why is that NOT

Glenn, remember when I said "get my point" in previous messages, I was
answering your question in the affirmative, it is design, whatever way
God did it, it was design, the laws are part of the design, etc, etc.
But the real question is not whether your hypothetical scenario is
design (which I repeat myself by saying that it is indeed) but whether
that is what actually gave rise to today's species from
biochemicals/first-cells. That moths of one particular color are
favored, or that bacteria offsprings are resistant to antibiotics
because they were strong enough to overcome the insult, or that
certain mutations favored certain organisms, is not absolutely the
same to say that our ancestor was a cell or biochemicals. I'm with
you only as far as the data supports the theory.

Now my question. Are we humans still evolving (speciating into some
other species)? If the answer is in the affirmative, what about the
man Jesus who lives today in flesh and blood, is he speciating too
into another god (sounds like mormomism doesn't it)?

> As
> I said in my post and as Loren pointed out to you (obviously
futilely) that
> design is not tied to a view in which each critter is individually

There you go again stereotyping me. Read my small interchange with
Dr. Van Till, I think I said exactly what you are saying above. I
guess my efforts could be futile also.

> The initial design and creation of a cell with the potential to give
rise to
> other living forms is also design. Please explain why it isn't design?

You bet it is. In fact, it is amazing to me how it is for some (me
included) and it isn't for others (Dawkins, Provine, etc.), comfirming
to me once agian that faith will always be relevant not matter how
much science grows.



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