Re: >Re: >RE: What does ID mean?

Adrian Teo (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 08:12:05 -0700

E G M wrote:
> Dear Glenn,
> I mean no disrespect but I must say that you are really amusing me.
> If you only knew of the numbers of discoveries and inventions that
> arrived serendipitously. However, the person(s) involved was(were)
> working intelligently, with advanced tools, etc., etc., and was(were)
> able to recognize something important (sometimes the recognition was
> made by others years later). I have had the same experience you had,
> but I believe that NOTHING would have occurred were not for the fact
> that an intelligence was there to produce by MISTAKE and RECOGNIZE the
> result. IOW, these amazing "mistakes" occurred within the context of
> an intelligent, concious, working, and deciding society. BTW, I
> read your pages about 1 yr ago and I saw design, design and design.


How is a mistake produced by an intelligent being any different from a
random effect? And the fact that someone recognizes the results attest
to the recognizer's intelligence, but really says nothing about the
nature of the cause of the result.

Still wondering....