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Dear Glenn,

I mean no disrespect but I must say that you are really amusing me.
If you only knew of the numbers of discoveries and inventions that
arrived serendipitously. However, the person(s) involved was(were)
working intelligently, with advanced tools, etc., etc., and was(were)
able to recognize something important (sometimes the recognition was
made by others years later). I have had the same experience you had,
but I believe that NOTHING would have occurred were not for the fact
that an intelligence was there to produce by MISTAKE and RECOGNIZE the
result. IOW, these amazing "mistakes" occurred within the context of
an intelligent, concious, working, and deciding society. BTW, I
read your pages about 1 yr ago and I saw design, design and design.



PS: Prof Van Till, it may take another 150 yrs before you get a
"formal" answer from the IDers (hopefully less than that, perhaps
before the 200 annyversary of the "Origen of the ........"). No
because they do not want to state what it is I'm sure, but because
what it is is "evolving", just like the theory of evolution has been
evolving for 150 yrs.

---Glenn Morton <> wrote:
> Hi Ed,
> At 12:53 PM 4/21/98, E G M wrote:
> >Great!!. I still have some differences with Glenn though.
> Most people do or I'd be famous by now. :-)
> >His
> >examples and programs and all of the reported biological findings
> >today are far from convincing me that higher order living systems, in
> >particular man, was produced by designed "chance and necessity"
> >processes.
> Let me point out that the complexity of a fish is not very much
> than the complexity of a human. They have livers, we have livers,
they have
> brains, we have brains, they have muscles we have muscles etc. Their
> biochemistry is quite similar, so this business of 'higher order' is
> based upon any numerical measures of order.
> glenn


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