`Designer' GOD as Father GOD....a tangential thread

Gladwin Joseph (josephg@ccmail.orst.edu)
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 10:31:36 -0700

Brian Harper wrote:

Now to your assertion above. I'm not a bible
scholar or a theologian, but it was my impression
that while many names may be used to describe
God in the Bible, the name that God uses to
describe himself is YAHWEH, "I AM". When Moses
asked God who he should tell the Israelites sent
him, God did not say "God the Pyramid Engineer"
or "God the Canal Architect" but rather
"I AM THAT I AM". How would you interpret
this name? My interpretation is that God is
not reducible to the names that we might use
to describe him. He is who he is. In modern
lingo we might say he's irreducibly complex.

Again, speaking of my humble opinions, the God
of the design argument is the God of philosophers
and scholars.

>>> Ultimately in and through Jesus He is revealed as
"Father". Once again we need to take care that we do not
overly conform that image to that of our earthly fathers
(Idol worship again!), but The irreducabily complex I AM and
the ethno-relational God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is also
the personal Father.

By the way HE is also addressed as the ONE who made/gives
being to the Heavens and the Earth and all that in them is.

Do we systematize and define and so reduce GOD or do we
relate to Him and magnify HIM?