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>> If you have the time and interest in YEC arguments, here's one by a PHD
>> Zoologist who wrote against Hugh Ross and also mentioned the ASA
>> (unfavorably):
> Anyone ever heard of Borton Davidheiser, the author of this essay, before?
>He claims to have a PhD in zoology but never mentions from where. That
>makes me suspicious when dealing with YEC. I'm not saying he's not
>I just wonder when it's never mentioned.

In the above-mentioned article the author says:

"If evolution is true, we are improved animals instead of fallen sinners in
need of redemption."

I just can't imagine why anyone would feel this way - it saddens me
greatly. Its as if our salvation and saving grace depends on our own
interpretation of the laws of nature, because in the end, we ALL are
interpreting whether we think we're taking it "literally" or not. It is
precisely statements like this that turn scientists away from Christianity
unecessarily. Because it is out and out false. Our salvation depends on no
more and no less than Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins, and his
bodily Resurrection. Everything else is there to help us know how to relate
to otehrs, how to lead more joy-filled lives, and how to turn others to
Christ in order to glorify God.

Also, I'm curious if anyone knows Dr Hugh Ross? He sounds like an
interesting fellow and one I'd love to have come speak at our church.

Another argument in the article by Borton Davidheiser is that the various
early church leaders, Irenius, etc who Hugh Ross claims believed in long 24
hr days of Creation did not really believe in them (does that make
sense?!). But as "proof" all Borton does is quote a couple passages from
each of them, but the quoted passages do not say anything that actually
contradicts that the particular person believed in non-24 hr days. Its
almost as if he's manipulating the "data" to fit his conclusions. In fact,
that is precisely what he is doing, unless Dr Hugh Ross is wrong and the
various church leaders did not believe as he says. Anyone know the
positions of "the Jewish historian
Josephus (1st century); Irenaeus, bishop of Lyons, apologist and martyr
(2nd century); Origen, who rebutted heathen attacks on Christian doctrine
(3rd century); Basil (4th century); Augustine (5th century); and, later,

Thanks for your input!

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