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Mon, 20 Apr 1998 08:02:57 -0700 (PDT)

---Glenn Morton <
> Actually as Prigogine showed, the 2nd law does not even apply to a
> system. So far from defying entropy, entropy is not applicable to
> systems.

An I disagree, Entropy has to do with EVERYTHING. If you have matter
and energy involved in some process you have ENTROPY.

> That is the problem that the anti-evolutionists miss entirely.
Looking at
> the DNA chain, it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell whether or not it was
created by
> design or created randomly. This is not to say that this means that
> position wins. It is to say that we cannot beat that position via
this argument.

I undrstod your point, we may not be able to tell "mathematically",
but we can tell .............

> >Could mathematics ever be able to tell?
> never.

I agree here as today.

> Consider this though. Some very quite complex things appear to have
> without design. Who designed the world's economy? No one. It just
> happened as the result of all the individual people trying to better
> personal condition.

Again, as I said last year, this is a very bad example Glenn. People
designed the world economy and they still do everyday with zillions of
Mindful and needful decisions. Think of it as a Distributed
(Adaptive/Learning Smart Control) Parameter System with multiple
inputs and multiple outputs (MIMO).

> No one set down 10,000 years ago and drew out a plan or
> gave information for the interacting parts of the economy.

Wrong, they all "work" and "trade".

> Complexity can arise on its own and it very well might be that God
used this
> trait of nature to create us.

I don't deny that, but as behind the economy we have "intelligent
agents" so behind nature we have ............


"in ipso enim vivimus et movemur et sumus sicut"

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