Working together

William B. Provine (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 13:05:56 +0100

Dear Dick,

I appreciate your devotion to Christianity and your anger about
working with
people of different persuasions for a better world. Surely you know
that the
majority of folks in the world are Islamic or Buddhist or something
else. Refusing
to work with them would be a poor way to get along in the world. Or in
the United
States, too.

If you met me, perhaps you would change your mind, and want to
work with me
rather than concentrate only on converting me. Many very religious
people are very
open and glad to have atheists working for many of the same moral

This kind of cooperation is especially important in today's
universities. Here I argue that Christians and others of different
views come out
into the open instead of hiding in secularism. Much discussion of this
issue has
in the past taken place on this listserv and was instrumental in my
position now.

My aim is not the "dancing around the Maypole of science" but the
focus upon
moral behavior that leds to the common good of humankind.

Best wishes, Will