Re: What does ID mean?

Dick Fischer (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 10:23:15 -0400

Will wrote:

> You know I am not cynical, but very optimistic about the working
together of
>atheists and deeply religious people of all persuasions. I think we can
agree on a
>wide variety of social goals of behavior and hope to get on with it. This
weekend I
>have a meeting with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship to get a start going at

The idea of Christians and atheists working together and dancing around the
Maypole of science, clearly blunts the objective of all Christians everywhere,
whether they are scientists or not. Stamping out atheism and all false
is an integral part of our agenda. I don't know how to be more blunt than

We are to live in the world, yes, but we are encouraged, even commanded to
bear witness and help bring the world, the entire world, into a state of
with God through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ with the help of the
Holy Spirit.

>I am not trying to pry Christians away from their faith. I am, however,
>interested in convincing them that their faith is a faith foremost.

If Christianity were only a faith with nothing more to substantiate it than
is for any of the other world religions, I wouldn't be one. I wasn't
raised in the
faith. I wasn't convinced by rhetoric, though I heard some. What moved me
from non-believer to believer was the stuff of science - data and evidence.

If there existed positive evidence for the non-existence of God that
the evidence for a Higher Power of some description, you could number me
with the heathen.

Dick Fischer
"The Origins Solution"