Re: What does ID mean?

John W Burgeson (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 14:11:21 -0600

Will -- in a post to Moorad, you asked:

"Do most Christians take their faith as a provisional hypothesis?"

Each person must answer this individually, of course.
I would say that I certainly did when I "started out"
as a 30 year old (35 years ago). As time progressed, the
certainty of the faith has grown, until I can hardly hold in
mind anymore that it might not be true -- it is of the
certainty that I'm not dreaming all this life! Conceptually
I can handle it -- but it dissolves into incoherence.

Yet -- yes, I still hold it provisionally. Dig up the bones of
Jesus and I'll have to make a major paradigm shift! I might
become Jewish in such a case -- but like I said -- I cannot really think
the scenario through -- it is simply too improbable.


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