Re: Christianity as a "faith"

Bill Hamilton (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 14:40:07 -0400

As I have watched the discussion on empiricism the past few days, I have
been mentally composing a post very similar to what Terry wrote. Terry
wrote so eloquently, there's no need for me to add anything, except to say
that I agree with him.

Christians have experienced a revelation from a personal God that
nonchristians have not. Logic and arguments from design might turn an
individual's mind to thoughts that God then uses to effect conversion, but
conversion is in God's hands, not ours. I come back to something the
pastor of my church said a couple years ago: the most powerful thing you
can do for a nonchristian is pray for him. I hope all of the Christians on
this list are praying for each of the nonchristians who have joined in our
discussions. Will and Massimo have made this a very stimulating week.
Thanks to both of you.
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