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Glenn Morton (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 11:15:30 -0500

At 09:59 AM 4/17/98, E G M wrote:
>Glenn wrote:
>"When a mathematician says 'fundamentally undecidable", it means that it is
>impossible to determine whether a sequence is random or designed. This means
>that we can't tell whether the genetic code was randomly produced or
>intelligently designed."
>That would be the case if the genetic code were just a sequence of
>bases in static entropic equilibrium, like a string of numbers on
>sheet of paper. But it is nothing like that as we know. It is rather
>a super dynamic system which "maintains" entropic equilibrium in time
>against all odds, even during its own replications; and therefore, it
>resembles more something designed than randomly produced.

Ed, You have equivocated DNA sequence with reproductive system. That might
be a different question. But the human DNA sequence which is quite variable
from person to person, was still manufactured originally by some process
either a random one or designed. Mathematically we still can't tell how it
was made.


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