Re: What does ID mean?

William B. Provine (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 12:16:51 +0100

Dear Glenn,

You know I am not cynical, but very optimistic about the working together of
atheists and deeply religious people of all persuasions. I think we can agree on a
wide variety of social goals of behavior and hope to get on with it. This weekend I
have a meeting with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship to get a start going at

I am not trying to pry Christians away from their faith. I am, however,
interested in convincing them that their faith is a faith foremost. Most of my
Catholic students say, "sure." Liberal Jewish students say "sure." And both continue
religious observances and find them rewarding. Many of you on this listserv say that
your belief in Christianity is a faith. How could I have an argument against this?

By the way, students in the large evolution class I teach take me with a deep
grain of salt, and pay a lot more attention to my religious guests speakers. They
most certainly do not let me pry them away from their faiths. Ah, who among us
academics has such power?

Warm wishes, Will