Re: What does ID mean?

Steven Schimmrich (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 18:23:53 -0400

At 10:09 AM 4/16/98 -0500, Paul Nelson wrote:
>P.S. To Glenn and Steve. Of course there are theistic evolutionists.
>But they part company with the scientific community at one point
>or another in the story of human evolution, usually by jettisoning
>MN when the theological pinch becomes too painful.

I disagree with you here and think this criticism applies more to you than it does
to me.

I would argue that you probably have no trouble accepting MN in some areas of
science. You reject MN in evolution so strongly, however, because evolutionary
theory conflicts with your personal understanding of Scripture (i.e. "jettisoning
MN when the theological pinch becomes too painful").

On the other hand, I recognize MN as a tool used by science to develop naturalistic
explanations of observed phenomena in the physical world. I recognize the limitations
of MN -- namely it's inability to address the supernatural. Maybe it's just semantics,
but I don't see myself "jettisoning" MN, just always keeping it in its proper place and
recognizing its limitations.

- Steve.

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