Re: What does ID mean?

John W Burgeson (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 16:13:45 -0600

Paul Nelson wrote:
Adrian Teo asked:

>Are you implying that the methodology of science allows us to
>investigate causes other than natural ones?


>If so, how?

Intelligently-caused patterns leave distinctive traces...

The problem with this exchange is word definitions. If I
dig a hole in the ground, or build a doghouse, both are
material results which come from a "natural cause," (me
doing something and also from an "intelligent cause,"
assuming I have a reason to dig the hole or own a dog).

There is a position that holds that many (not all) of the actions
performed by a human being are also "supernaturally caused," on
the basis that the brain/mind is directed by immateriality (i.e. we
are not simply complex meat machines). Will and Massimo,
of course, must reject this position; I think it may well be connected
the discussions about "free will."



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